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Misschien een optie voor een P-Draadje,(kwam dit tegen)

Method and device for encapsulating electronic components with a conditioning gas
Patent number: 8268217
Patent Application Number: 20090026649
Abstract: The invention relates to a method for encapsulating electronic components in a mold by the processing steps of: A) placing the electronic component for encapsulating in a mold cavity, and B) feeding an encapsulating material to the mold cavity, wherein at least a part of the mold surface defining the mold cavity is brought into contact with a conditioning gas containing a decreased oxygen concentration relative to the atmosphere. The invention also relates to a device for encapsulating an electronic component, in particular a semiconductor, with encapsulating material.
Type: Grant
Filed: Jul 14, 2005
Issued: Sep 18, 2012
Assignee: Fico B.V. (RW Duiven)
Inventors: Hendrikus Johannes Bernardus Peters (Didam), Arthur Theodorus Johannes Reijmer (Didam), Franciscus Bernardus Antonius De Vries (Elbergen), Johannes Lambertus Gerardus Marla Venrooij (Dulven)
Primary Examiner: Larry Thrower
Attorney, Agent or Firm: The Webb Law Firm, PC
Application Serial: 11/632,621

dus in sept.2012 heeft Fico een Patent toegewezen gekregen in de US.
Innoveren he...

Bonding Head With A Heatable And Coolable Suction Member

Application number: 20140202636

Abstract: A bonding head for mounting semiconductor chips on a substrate comprises a bonding head body and a suction member formed of a single piece. The elements necessary for heating, cooling and monitoring the temperature of the suction member are all integrated into the suction member, so that neither the heating nor the cooling elements are separated from the semiconductor chip by a surface preventing the heat transfer. The bonding head body contains only the elements necessary for supplying the suction member with electrical power and with the cooling medium.

Type: Application

Filed: January 17, 2014

Issued: July 24, 2014

Assignee: Besi Switzerland AG

Inventor: Andreas Mayr
- - - - -

Thermocompression Bonding Method And Apparatus For Mounting Semiconductor Chips On A Substrate

Application number: 20140175159

Abstract: A thermocompression bonding method for mounting semiconductor chips on a substrate comprises: picking up the semiconductor chip with a chip gripper displaceably mounted on a TC bonding head; positioning of the chip gripper above the assigned substrate location; lowering the TC bonding head up to a position in which the chip gripper is deflected by a predetermined distance relative to the TC bonding head; heating of the semiconductor chip to a temperature above the melting point of the solder, so that the deflection of the chip gripper becomes zero again; waiting until the temperature of the semiconductor chip has fallen to a value beneath the melting temperature of the solder, and lifting of the TC bonding head.

Type: Application

Filed: December 20, 2013

Issued: June 26, 2014

Assignee: Besi Switzerland AG

Inventor: Hannes Kostner
- - - -

Method For Detaching A Semiconductor Chip From A Foil

Application number: 20140196853

Abstract: The invention relates to the prepeeling phase of methods for detaching a semiconductor chip from a foil. According to a first aspect, the invention relates to the determination of time periods, which each defines a duration of a prepeeling step. In a setup phase, the following steps are carried out for each prepeeling step: Initiating the method step; Repeating the two steps Recording of an image of the semiconductor chip and assignment of a time period to the image which has passed since the initiation of the prepeeling step, and Checking whether in the image a peripheral region of the semiconductor chip is darker than a predetermined brightness value; until the check leads to the result that no peripheral region of the semiconductor chip is darker than the predetermined brightness value. According to a second aspect, the detachment of the semiconductor chip from the foil is monitored in realtime.

Type: Application

Filed: November 20, 2013

Issued: July 17, 2014

Assignee: Besi Switzerland AG

Inventors: Ernst Barmettler, Irving Rodriguez
vooral deze, de Thermocompression Bonding Method is belangrijk denk ik,

Thermocompression bonding is a method that enables this high bonding accuracy on narrow bump pitches, although with this comes long cycle times due to temperature and pressure profiles and processing methods which hinder industrial adoption of this technology up to now.

Imec and Besi will conduct joint research to develop a high-throughput thermocompression bonder in an automated process flow, with high accuracy and shorter cycle times, paving the way to enabling a manufacturable 3D, 2.5D and 2.5D/3D hybrid technology.

“We are excited to work with a key research center such as imec and leverage its expertise in fine pitch bonding materials and processes to increase the yield and reliability of our equipment ,” said Richard Blickman, CEO at Besi. “This collaboration will enable us to benchmark our Chameo tool to meet the industrial needs of the semiconductor industry, offering our customers a viable and effective solution for 2.5D/3D IC manufacturing.”
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